Abstracts of Warren County Court Records

Notes to consider before starting:

  1. This is in no way a complete list. I've come across these records in my search for free blacks in Warren county. Many of the children listed were free blacks, or probably free blacks, but not necessarily all of them.
  2. This is not in alphabetical order and some names appear more than once. Use the "find" option in your browser to search by name.
  3. The Warren County court convened three times a year in the 1st half of the 1800's: February, August, and November. There are some excetpions, such as 1809 when they met in May as well. It is worth noting that the various county courts throughout the state designated certain court terms as "orphans" court, hence although these are regular court records, they all deal with "orphans". Orphans today had a different meaning during the 1800s. Orphans referred to any child without a father even if their mother was alive, this included children born outside of marriage. Just because children below are designated as orphans does not necessarily mean their fathers had died, let alone their mothers. In many cases, the court bound "base born" (out of wedlock) children to their fathers or related male. I plan to put a series of articles together in the future on the main site for my page (http://www.ncalhn.org) that will go further into various laws and such in North Carolina. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

1806, August Court:

  • Notice give to Epps JONES to show cause why Patsey KICKER should not be removed from him

1806, November Court:

  • Thomas MYRICK, age 18, and Owen MYRICK, age 16, both orphans of William MYRICK, bound to Thomas STACKHOUSE

1809, May Court:

  • Lemuel MITCHELL, base boarn child of Liddea MITCHELL, bound to Burwell HARTON

1809, August Court:

  • Rhoda HICKS, 3 year old girl of colour, bound to Burwell DUKE
  • Anderson MOSS, age 18 years next January, bound to his unnamed father

1810, August Court:

  • Notice served to Betsy MABRY to appear in court to show cause why her child Kinchen MABRY should not be bound out

1812, February Court:

  • Rolly LANGFORD, son of Rolly LANGFORD, bound to Jesse BELL

1812, August Court:

  • Matthew HILL, age 9 and orphan son of Winney HILL, bound to Thomas SHEARIN

1812, November Court:

  • Erasmuc KINIMON, a minor orphan, bound to Gideon HARTON

1823, August Court:

  • Thomas MUSTIAN, age 12, bound to Peter R. DAVIS

1825, August Court:

  • Rhoda HICKS, age 19 and a free woman of colour, formerly bound to Burwell DUKE, and Jane her child were bound to Richard DUKE

1828, February Court:

  • Uriah Augustin KING was released from his apprenticeship to Francis TUCKER on the application of his mother, Ally KING

1829, November Court:

  • John HICKS, boy of colour age 4, bound to Matthew MARSHALL
  • Ned HICKS, free boy of colour age 6, bound to James TURNER

1831, February Court:

  • Milly JONES was bound to Henry SOUTHALL

1833, February Court:

  • Sterling HICKS, free boy of colour, bound to William ROSE
1833, August Court:

  • Hinton MAYO and Hillman MAYO, free people of color, bound to William F. HILLIARD [note:  I have more info on them!]
  • Thomas MOORE, orphan, bound to Bennett H. STAMMIRE

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