Wake County Tax List, 1781

This is a very imcomplete list right now. This is only one pages of Captain Daniel's District. More may be added later.

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CattleProperty Value
in Pounds
Capt. Daniel'sJeremiah Walker----11012
Capt. Daniel'sMicajah Pruet ss90---15PT
Capt. Daniel'sTimothy Rich639-1-710170
Capt. Daniel'sRichd Banks2740211412514
Capt. Daniel'sThos Tomlimson617565319865
Capt. Daniel'sSpenser Watts7503-2416328
Capt. Daniel'sWilliam Watts175---2735
Capt. Daniel'sSamuel Smith200---2924
Capt. Daniel'sJohn Watts ss---1-PT-
Capt. Daniel'sMary Patterson200---3941
Capt. Daniel'sThos Nicols300---2945
Capt. Daniel'sRuben Allen60021247320
Capt. Daniel'sWilliam Nicols Sr.840---58115
Capt. Daniel'sWoodson Daniel1650564410870
Capt. Daniel'sRoland Gooch ss----1-PT
Capt. Daniel'sGilbord Evens500---21256
Capt. Daniel'sWilliam Evens100---2922
Capt. Daniel'sDavid Driskel----12PT
Capt. Daniel'sJohn Daneil414-1-23315
Capt. Daniel'sJulius Nicols ss-----2PT
Capt. Daniel'sJoseph Brassfield ss100---1-PT
Capt. Daniel'sJohn Pruet Jr. ss----1-PT
Capt. Daniel'sWilliam Nicols Jr.250---1432
Capt. Daniel'sGeorge Williams ss75---23PT
Capt. Daniel'sRichd Pollord Sr.100---1620
Capt. Daniel'sThos Barron---12-100
Capt. Daniel'sWilliam Kelly1170--148193
Capt. Daniel'sBenjamin Clark96---1-15
Capt. Daniel'sDavid Brassfield1040--1522312
Capt. Daniel'sWilliam Majors640--1415215
Capt. Daniel'sGraves Asley----149
Capt. Daniel'sMichael Reynolds----4530
Capt. Daniel'sJohn Gooch----238
Capt. Daniel'sCharles Bass200---1830
Capt. Daniel'sDrury Bass100----1PT

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