The History of Mecklenburg County

Created in 1762, Mecklenburg County's first town (created in 1768) was named after Queen Charlotte of England, the wife of King George III, who as from Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Germany.  Scot-Irish immigrants began settling the area of Mecklenburg County in the early 1700s and lived in peace with the neighboring Catawba Indians. In 1775, the MecklenburgDeclaration of Indepence was drafted by the forefathers of the county.

County Formation and Boundary Changes

Mecklenburg County was created in 1762 (some say 1763) from Anson County. In 1768, the western part of Mecklenburg County became a portion of the former Tryon County. In 1792, the northestern section of the county became Cabarrus County. Finally, in 1842, the southeastern portion of the county, in conjunction with a portion of Anson County, created Union County.

Over the years, many towns have sprung up in Mecklenburg County. Below is a list of the old and newer towns and townships. I hope to get up a map in the future.

  • Berryhill Township: in SW of the county, now known as Township 2
  • Charlotte: central portion of the county
  • Clear Creek: SE section of the county)
  • Crab Orchard: East central part of county, now known as Township 7
  • Cornelius: NW part of the count, originally founded 1893 as Liverpool and changed to Cornelius in 1905
  • Davidson: N section of the county, part of Iredell County - home of Davidson College founded 1837, town created 1879 as Davidson College; name changed, 1891
  • Deweese Township: northern section of the county, now known as Township 9
  • Huntersville: North of Charlotte, created 1873. formerly known as Craighead and Hunter's Depot
  • Lemley Township: NW section of the county, now known as Township 10
  • Long Creek Township: North of Charlotte, now known as Township 11
  • Mallard Creek Township: East Central part of county, now known as Township 8
  • Matthews: South-East of Charlotte - formerly known as Fullwood or Fullwood's Store since 1825 until 1875, incorporation 1879
  • Mint Hill: West of Charlotte, - first settled 1750, incorporated 1971
  • Morning Star Township: now known as Township 13
  • Paw Creek Township: West Central part of county, now known as Township 12
  • Pineville: Southern part of county, Inc. 1873, formerly Morrow's Turnout, James K. Polk, eleventh president of the United States, was born 1 mi. e, 1795
  • Providence Township: now known as Township 5
  • Sharon Township: historic township, no longer exists, was a township in Charlotte)
  • Steel Creek Township: SW of Charlotte, now Township 3

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