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Granville County Tax List of 1757 (under construction!)

Names appear in the order on the record, notes in quotes (" ") are written on the tax list by their name, notes with no quotes are my own. If there is an * in the notes for that person, that means they are a free person of color, who I have discovered in my research even though the tax list does not necessarily make that note.

1757 by John Martin
John Farrill5"fore Negrs"
Giles Bowers2 
William Moseley1 
William Moseley Senr.2 
William Kimbrough1 
John Moseley1 
William Sessions1 
Robert Day2 
William Walters, Constable  
William Edwards2"Negro Jean"
James Hunt2"Negro Cato"
Absalom Wells2"Negr Sam"
John Smith1 
George Bledsoe1 
Aaron Fussell2"Negro Judea"
John Terrell7"Negroes Sam, Judy, Cupit, Mingo, Soll, & George
Hezekiah Terrell2"Negro Frank"
James Barnett1 
James Ross, Constable1"Negro Patt"
Thomas Sherrod2"W. Taner"
Danl Garrott1 
Thomas West3"Son Richard. Thomas West"
Thomas Tharington1 
Joseph Brantly2son Jas
George Woodley1 
John Sanders1 
Wm Eaves2"Wm Carroll"
John Wood Senr & son2 
Frances Strother4"Negros Tom, Sarah, & Ned"
John Underwood1 
Thomas Smith1 
William Simmons1 
John Simmons1 
Wm Simmons Cyrus1 
John Gibbs2"Negro Jack"
Amos Garrott1 
Theophilus Goodwin Junr1 
John Wood Junr1 
Henry Josy & son2 
Brackett Wood & a Negro2 
Michell McGehe1 
John Connell1 
Richard Smith2 
Jeph Wright & son2 
Thomas Jones & son2 
william Jackson1 
William Hobs1 
Benja Arrendell1 
Joseph Greer1 
Francis Bradley & son2 
John Martin2"Jno Shepd"
James Hobbs2"a Negro"
Daniel Potter1 
Wm Tommas, Contanble  
Thomas Fussell1 
John Dockery1 
Thomas Petty1 
Joseph Nicks1 
John Sparks1 
George Platt1 
John Curtice2son Jno
William Russell1 
Geo Leavester1 
John Nivell1 
John Stufflemyer1 
Thos Jones2"son Peter"
Nathaniel Jones1 
John Thompson1 
Benjamin Coward & son2 
John Woodson Cons' & son2"1 Negro"
John Goodwin1 
Thomas Goodwin1 
Theophilus Goodwin & son5"Negs Gim, Judy & Jean"
Jerem Wootan1 
William Bledsoe1 
Richd Crutchfield1 
James Wilson2"1 Negro"
John Smith1 
Thomas Hunt1 
John Bishop1 
Giles Driver1 
Wm Lasseter1 
John Moody1 
Christopher Johnson1 
William Young1 
James Young1 
William Moseley1 
Moses Christmust1 
Gibbea Chavers1*
Thomas Wootan1 
Arthur Crocker1 
Jacob Crocker1 
Phillip Woolhite1 
Joshua Yarbrough & son2 
Benjamin Rice1 
Morris Railey1 
John Mauldasly & Harper2 
Thos Mullins1 
Christopher Goin1*
John Young2"1 Negro"
John Haulcumb1 
Joseph Dillard1 
Joseph Edwards1 
Richard Chavers1*
Charles Liles1 
Joseph Peace4"Negroes Jack, Lusey, & Nan"
Benja Mackgehe1I believe this is supposed to be "Magehe". I see the spelling "Magehe" in a lot of Granville Co. Records.
Nathan Magegs1I believe this is also another Magehe, but not sure
Charles Parrish1 
Edward Harris1 
Danl Meglaughlen & son2This may actually be "McLaughlin"
Joseph Peace Junr1 
Thos Cook, son4"Negs Phill & Fanney"
John Wilson1 
Hezekiah Massey1 
Joseph Farr & son2 
William Smith1 
James Wyatt1 
Frans Perrey1 
Benja Pibun1 
Charles Hyatt1 
George Richards1 
William Richards1 
John Rainwater1 
John Stanfield1 
James Rainwater1 
Rewbin Lawson1 
Nicholas Hailey2"No Jack" - "No" is short for "Negro"
James Kelley1 
David Vinson1 
William Richardson1 
William Vinson1 
Nicholas Hill1 
Danl Butts4"Negs Tom, Lucey, & Sam"
William Bledsoe1 
Andrew Hartsfield3"Son Jacob, Wm Brewe
Thomas Arrandall1 
John Booker1 
George Martin1 
John Lawrence1 
John Rives2"son Thos"
John Dunkin1 
Richard Rabon1 
William Walker1 
Richard Upchurch1 
William Tant1 
Julias Alford1 
John Davis1 
Jacob Powell1 
William Pace1 
Sampson Brazwell1 
John Wilder1This is not a direct ancestor of mine, a relative of my Wilder line
Robert Bulter3"John Butler, Abram Reed"
Rustian Honicutt1 
John Benton1 
George Mainer1 
Francis Johnson1 
Gipson Martin3"Andw Martin, Godferry"
Lodowic Alford4"Negros Frank, Sam & Pash"
James Arnald1 
William Freeman1 
Joseph Bridges Jun1 
Moses Smith1 
Chistopher Jean1 
Thomas Grey & son2 
Richard Pinell1 
Henry Brewer1 
Ephraim Eastridg1 
John Chesher3"Negroes Dick & Sam"
Persons Rackley1 
John Stallons2"& 1 Negro"
James Denby3"2 Negroes"
Robert Duke1 
James Smith3"son Nathl, son Drury"
Sauls Rackley1 
Joshua Rackley1 
Sarah Lefay2"son Saml, 1 Negro"
John Clark1 
Christopher Clark1 
Daniel Osheal5"Negs Mike, Jasper, Bett, & Cloe"
Paul Garrison1 
Browning Williams1 
Sarah Bledsoe widow2"son Aaron, Negro Catoe"
Daniel Wyatt2 
James Collins1 
John Martin7"son Geo, Negs Bob, Toney, Sam, Bett, & Dolf"
William Hood1 
Thomas Ash1 
Thomas Dickerson1 
Willm Gant1 
John Gant4"son John Jnr, son Jeam"
John Serug Asqu1 
John Pond in Grass1 
Wm Oliver1 

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