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Granville County Marriages

Below is the list of marriages for Granville County I've found.  Currently, the list is only for the surname Bradford, but I'll be adding more eventually. I have preserved the spelling of names and abbreviations  of names, but put the date in the format of the first 3 letters of the month, then the day, then the year.  In most cases, the marriages dates are written as "The ___ th day of ______ in the _____ year of our Lord"

View the list by grooms or brides

By Grooms

Booker BradfordFanny MannNov 5, 1788Geo. Brasford   
David BradfordElisabeth MannNov 6, 1777Benjamin Wright   
David BradfordMary KerneyAug 2, 1784Arnold HarrisBennet Searcy 
Elijah BradfordNaney WelchMar 14, 1797James BradfordStep. SneedName may actually be Haney, I've seen reference that her name is Hanitor Welch.  I will look into.
Harris BradfordMary PrevitFeb 1, 1790Jos. Pewet   
Jacks. BradfordAnn E. CannadyDec 10, 1844T.B. MooreJ.M. Wiggins 
James BradfordLucy PaschallSep 27, 1889John Smith   
John Bradford (of Elijah)Nancy SmithNov 1, 1831J.H. CauthenStep. K. Sneed 
Kearney BradfordPatsey CarrelSept 27, 1805Isaac Husketh   
Robert BradfordNancy KarrelDec 16, 1809Charles MooreRich. Sneed 
Thomas BradfordEve KerneyApr 2, 1782Booker BradfordBennet Searcy 
Thomas BradfordPolly HargravesAug 12, 1782Nat. HuntBennet Searcy 
Wm. BradfordNancy KittrellFeb 13, 1808Garland AllenW. M. Sneed 
William BradfordMelvina OvertonAug 29, 1857D.E. Bobbit  married Aug 30, 1857 by Tho. L. William, J.P

By Brides

Colemon WhiteCelah BradfordMar 13, 1786John ChampionBennet Searcy 
John PewitElizabeth BradfordAug 28, 1769John BradfordJesse Bennetconsent from Thos. Bradford, father of Elizabeth Aug 21, 1769
Silas McGeheeMary BradfordMay 3, 1859Shem McGeheeA. Landis 
Jones FullerSarah BradfordMay 13, 1786Reuben SearcyBennet Searcy 
Lenard HaysSarah BradfordJan 14, 1786John Searcy, Jr.   
John SmithSarah BradfordFeb 22, 1826Elias HuskeySm H. Owen 
John TiggleSarah BradfordNov 29, 1784Bennet SearcyElisabeth Searcy 

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