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Poplar Tent Presbyterian Church Cemetery - An Index

Below you will find a rudimentary map that gives the basic layout of the cemetery.  Sections are listed A-I.  Each page that lists the cemetery are in the following format:  surname, given name, birth date, death date, remarks on stone, and section they can be found in.

Folks, I'm happy to announce that due to the gracious volunteerism by two people who use this site, the full transcription of the cemetery is now up!!! We're not completely done yet, though, and we need your help here! We have quite a few "unknown" listings, which I believe are probably from section H, but we need help from someone who can/does visit the cemetery in person can can verify this for us. Please contact me if you can help in any way, even if it's just verifying 1 person.

Also, the list this index comes from is old, at least 30-40 years old, so burials since probably the 1970s are not listed. If you have family not listed you would like to include, please send names, dates on the headstone, and section they are buried in. Thank you!

I would like to add some photographs of the cemetery. If you have any already, you can email me a digital image or, if you don't have a scanner, but can send me a paper copy, still email me and let me know and we can make arrangements

Map is 6 total sections, 2 columns long and 4 rows wide.  The northern most right section is A and left is B.  The next row down, right is C and left is D.  The third row down, right is E and left is F.  The bottom row, right is G and left is H.  The church is located on the right hand side of section C.  Poplar Tent runs in front of sections G and H.  A walkway runs through section G and another walkway through sections F and H.

Surname Index:

A    B    C    D-E    F-G    H    I-J-K    L    M    N-O-P    R    S    T-U    W-Y   
*There are no Q, V, X, or Z surnames

Section Index

Unfortunately, all lists that I have and were donated to me do not show who is buried by who,
but at least I can show you who was buried in each section. Using the map above, you may be
able to figure that out better, or at the very least, if you are able to visit the cemetery,
you'll know which section(s) to check out.

A   B   C   D   E   F   G-H-I   unknown

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