Marriage, death notices, and articles in the Concord Weekly Gazette - March 1885

March issues of the Concord Weekly Gazette in publication from 1854-1857 include marriage and death notices as well as a few articles that mention locals. Note: I have added capitalization of names of bride, groom, or deceased person, but otherwise these are verbatim transcripts.

Saturday, March 3, 1855

Marriage Notices:

  • In this county, on the 22nd, ult., by Rev P.F. Kistler, Mr.  JOSHUA PHILLIPS to Miss SARAH E. STIREWALT of Rowan


  • In Rowan County, on the 24th ult, Mr. PETER EAGLE, in the 63d year of his age.
  • In Salisbury, on the 27th ult, Miss MARY ELIZABETH FOSTER, aged about seventen years.


Fellow citizens: - At the election in August last, I had the honor to receive, under circumstances peculiarly gratifying to me, 
your unanonimous vote to represent once more my native county in the Legislature of the state.  . . .
                                                             D. M. Barringer
Raleigh, Feb 17, 1855

Saturday, March 10, 1855


  • In Iredell County, on the 27th ult, by A. B. Gaither, Esq., Mr. T. F. BAGGERLY, to Miss MARTHA SUMMERS.


  • In Rowan on the 1st instant, Mr. ASA Miller, in the 64th year of his age


To Hire,
By the month or Year
The following Servants. A good cook and
washer. A stout woman as a field hand.
A boy 15 years old. A girl about 12.
Enquire of R. or V. C. BARRINGER
Concord Feby. 7th, 1855

Saturday, March 24, 1855


  • In Charlotte on Thursday evening last, by Rev. D. A. Penick, Mr. JOHN M. BOST of this county, to Miss ANN R. KING of Charlotte
  • Also at the same time and place by the same, Capt. H. P. TOWNSEND, of this county, to Miss MARY KING
  • In this county on the 22nd instant, Mr. JAMES SCOTT to Miss MARY ANN KEEVER
  • In this town on the night of the 19th ult., by C. N. Price, Esq., Mr. Cornelius Newsom to Miss Margaret Earnheart
    • The above affair is the termination of a long series of attempts to marry this young lady __ no less than three different  Licenses have been procured for the same purpose by different men, but Mr. Newsom carried off the prize.  Our readers will perhaps remember a notice we gave last fall of a marriage that did not come off.  This is the same lady.


  • In this county on the night of the 20th inst., Mr. ROWLAND DAVIS, aged about forty five years.
  • In this county on the night of the 20th inst., Mr. JOHN GIBSON, aged about 60 years.

Saturday, March 31, 1855


  • On Monday morning, the 19th inst., by Rev. W. C. Sutton, Mr. M. A. MURR, of Salisbury, to Miss MARGARET A., daughter of A. A. and Christian McRae of Anson.


By virtue of a Deed of Trust to me executed by the late Jacob Melchor, I will expose to public sale on the 14th day of April next, at the late residence of the said Melchor, the tract of land on which he lived, adjoining the lands of L. B. Krimminger, __on Cannon, and others- containing about 162 acres. Terms will be made known on the day of sale. J. M. Long, Trustee

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