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I have access to many Cabarrus County Records, but I just don't have the time to transcribe them all.  Right now, I am looking for volunteers to help me transcribe Cabarrus County Records.  If you have access, that would be great, but if you don't, I can copy them and send them through postal mail to you in order to transcribe.  One record that I found is a book of over 200 pages of marriage bonds for Cabarrus County.  Of course I don't expect just 1 person to do everything, we can narrow them down to your specifications.  Please email me if you can volunteer...even just 1 page is better than nothing!  Thanks!


I am wanting to do a project for the Cabarrus County page, however, I lack the time to invest in the project by myself. I am looking for volunteers with the Excel program and access to the 1810-1940 Cabarrus County census (microfilm, or digital version) who can help me by spending at least an 1-2 hours a week transcribing the census so that I can convert to PDF and add to this site. I am currently working on 1800 and hope to be done soon and hope to have 1810 and 1820 done by the end of 2012. I would like to get a team of volunteers to work together on this project so that no one needs to transcribe an entire census year alone. If you can help out, please contact me. And yes, I am aware of USGenWeb's wonderful census transcription project, but so far Cabarrus County has not been done other than an index of surnames for the 1850 census, which is why I want to do this project. Update: as of February 20, 2012, only a very few people have volunteered for this project. We have completed full transcription of the 1800 census, but none of the others. Even if you can only do a page, I would appreciate the help.

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