Marriage Index for Ashe County, NC - 1799-1868

Notice: 5/23/2020, In 2018, there was a problem with the table and it was out of order. Only rows that give a source number are able to be verified at this point. I'm working on verifying the others.

Entries are in order by Groom. Information comes from a variety of sources, but mainly from county marriage bonds, which ended 1868. There is also a book of "marriage certificates" for Ashe county that is essentially a record of the various county Justices of Peace who performed marriage rights and their certifying they did so for specific couples and dates. Also, Ashe County had a marriage register that began in 1853, which is also included. Marriage bonds include gromm, bride bond date, bondsman, witnesses, and occasionally will include parents, and the actual marriage date and by whom they were married. The certificates can include the same. The Register typically gives the groom, bride, who married by, and the date of the actual marriages. Format for this table: Groom, Bride, Bond date, Bondsman, Witness, Performed By, Marriage Date, and Source, which coordinates with the list at the bottom of the page. This list is not a complete list of marriages and is a work in progress.

GroomBrideDateBondsmanWitnessPerfomed ByDateSource
Baird, PittenhousPhillips, Rachel L.3/24/1849Abner SmithG. M. Bingham  1
Baker, JohnEller, Delila (Delia)10/31/1854 J. A. King, D.C.J. A. King, J.P.10/31/18541, 2
Edwards, SamuelTodd, Selia12/22/1855 T.C. Douglas D.C.T.C. Douglas D.C.12/22/18551, 2/td>
Eller, Aswell P.Dickson, Nancy10/22/1857Jacob LathamRobert GambillJohn Baker, J.P.10/22/18571, 2, 3
Eller, CalvinDickson, Caroline11/21/1848John TurnerR. Murchison  1
Eller, David(s/o John)Powers, Jane(d/o Andrew)9/16/1867 R. T. HardinWesley Thompson, J.P.9/19/18672
Eller, DavidBaker, Katherine10/30/1852 Josh. BakerWilliam Weaver, J.P.10/30/18521, 2, 3
Eller, GeorgeHowell, Belinda3/22/1845Hiram ElrodR. Murchison  1
Eller, HansfordGraybeal, Catherine7/29/1866William Graybeal John Graybeal, J.P.7/29/18662, 3
Eller, JacobJones, Ellen11/12/1853George EllerG. M. GentryS. Bowen, J.P.11/24/18531, 2, 3
Eller, JacobStanley, Elizabeth9/-/1868S. Tw??dth   3
Eller, James M.Vannoy, Louisa1/31/1867E. C. Bartlett A. W. Vannoy, M.G.2/3/18671, 3
Eller, JessePlumer, Sarah Ann10/13/1866 R. J. HardinJ. H. Carson10/18/18661
Eller, LukeKing, Sarah3/27/1829Aaron Latham   1
Eller, PeterBrooks, Nancy3/8/1845Samuel BowersJno. Ray, Clk.  1
Eller, WilliamEller, Susannah7/19/1842 Hamilton Ray  1
Eller, WilliamStike, Elizabeth8/19/1856 R. Jones, D.C.S. Bowen, J.P.8/21/18561, 2, 3
Eller, Zachariah (s/o John and Catherine)Eldreth, Catherine (d/o John and Sarah)11/22/1852 Geo W RayGideon ??11/24/1852
Erwin, ThomasCaudill, Sinai10/7/1854 Robert Gambill, clerkDaniel Caudill, M.G.10/8/18541
Evans, DanielWelch, Usely12/13/1857 Robert Gambill, clerkC. H. Doughten, J.P.10/13/1857?1
Fairchild, Joel E.Phillips, Frances9/1/1856C. R. Phillips C. R. Phillips, J.P.9/4/18561, 2
Helbickles??, HenryEller, Sarah3/12/1858 Robert Gambill, clerk  1
Hopkins, William R.Phillips, Rosan1/11/1852C. R. Phillips C. R. Phillips
Hopper, JacobWaggoner, Charlotte?Henry R. Van(?)4/16/18582
McGuire, JamesHowell, Elizabeth9/25/1867William H. Phillips W. Bledsoe
McNeal, AlfordMiller, Carolina8/26/1865
McNiel, PeterPhillips, Mary Ann B.1/31/1855John H. Vannoy, M.G.J. M. GentryC.R. Phillips, J.P2/4/1855
Mikel, AdamPhillips, Caroline12/16/1851C. R. Phillips C. R. Phillips
Mikel, HenryEller, SarahWilliam Andrews, J.P.3/12/18582
Miller, Alpheus J.Phillips, Ann9/1/1856 C.R. PhillipsC.R. Phillips, J.P.9/4/18562
Miller, Jesse M.Phillips, Amanda10/5/1867L. A. Yates J. S. Howell
Perkins, JosephPhillips, Tilde2/16/1868 Solomon ParsonsJno. Ray, Clk.
Phillips, C. C.Church, H. L.8/24/1866 M. Bledsoe D.C.Wm. H. Phillips8/25/18661
Phillips, GeorgeCouncil, Rachel Louisa12/1/1840 Jorden CouncilG. M. Bingham
Phillips, George H.Walters, Martha3/11/1856 C. R. PhillipsJno. H. Vannoy, M.G.3/13/18561
Phillips, HamiltonMikeal, Mary4/12/1853 C. R. Phillips, D.C.C. R. Phillips, J.P.4/14/18531
Phillips, NathanMikeal, Elizabeth7/7/1855 C. R. PhillipsWm. H. Phillips, M.G.7/14/18551
Piliaps Kenelose Maine, Letty11/11/1865Tom Pope   1
Scott, James A.Ray, Elizabeth   C. R. Phillips, J.P.4/11/18572
Stikeleather, JosephEller, Tamsey6/7/1856  S. Bowers, J.P.6/8/18561, 3
Vannoy, Jesse F.Phillips, Rebecca J.   Rev. James McNeil10/15/18562


  1. Ashe County Marriage Bonds (State Archives of NC)
  2. Ashe County Marriage Certifications (State Archives of NC) - see intro
  3. Ashe County Marriage Register (State Archives of NC)

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