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Short History and Place Names of Ashe County, NC

Short History

Ashe County is located in the Northwest corner of North Carolina. Named for the Revolutionary patriot and NC govenor, Samuel Ashe, Ashe county was formed in 1799 from the North side and North West corner of Wilkes County. The county seat is Jefferson, founded in 1803, which was named after the then- current president Thomas Jefferson. Later, in 1849, Ashe County gave up its South West border to help create Watagua County. In 1859, it gave up part of its Northeast section to create Allegheny County. Since then, the boundaries have not changed. Ashe County was one a claimed bye the state of Franklin (now Tennessee).

Places in Ashe County

Towns of Ashe County
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Ashe county includes 3 incorporated towns, 19 townships, 18 unincorporated towns. Some of the townships and unincorporated towns overlap. Below are the lists for towns (3), townships (19 - many in the map above), and unincorporated communities in Ashe County (18). Additional information about each location comes from different sources. Please see the end of the page for a list of sources



Unincorporated or Inactive Communities


Above information gleaned from a variety of sources, including the following:

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